Korg B1 Review: Value-for-money Digital Piano

KORG started producing high quality digital pianos with a good sound and a good touch. The sound quality of the KORG digital pianos is quite similar to the sound quality of the grand pianos.

The korg b1 is an outstanding digital piano that’s ideal for beginner and more advanced pianist. Korg is one of the world’s largest musical instrument factories, it’s rebounded keyboards pianos and other music products are used on stage in studios and homes around the world.

What’s New on the Korg B1 Digital Piano

Design: Sleek and streamlined
The first thing you notice about the b1 is it’s nice design, you’ve got this really sleek and stylish design with the rounded edges which is really cool, you can also get an optional stand for it and that same design is mirrored in the stand as well so it’s got that really nice rounded look, it’s available in two colors so black or white again with a stand or without a stand and also there’s another version called the b1 SP which includes the piano, the stand and the PU two pedal which gives you three pedals in one soft sostenuto and damper pedals so with a b1 you also get immediate rest included. it is also comes with a five year manufacturer warranty which is really helpful.

Keyboard action: Natural Weighted Hammer
What Korg have done with a b1 so we’ve got the natural hammer action (NH) and it’s a graded hammer action as well, so it’s heavier in the bass, lighter in the treble, just like an acoustic piano. The piano playing experience is an authentic and satisfying, provided via 88 natural weighted hammer action keys which feel and behave just like an acoustic.

Pedal: Metal Damper Pedal
The korg b1 includes a metal damper pedal from authentic piano playing experience, the audio output lets you practice in silence with headphones or connect to a sound system for performing in larger venues. The damper pedal included 8 sounds on board, it’s got this new technology with this inbuilt speakers as well called MFb which is emotional feedback.

Speaker system: The built-in (Motional Feedback) technology
The great speaker system on board also come in this piano with new technology called emotional feedback which means that they never distort, so you can turn it right to the maximum and you still got that great sound and a really nice volume. Plus you can plug headphones into it if you want to couple.

Sounds: 8 Detailed Instruments
it is also has eight sounds on board, it’s very easy to scroll through those, you just use the sound button to go through them. This piano also have so really nice dynamic sounds, you’ve actually got many different piano sounds, so if I select the second one it’s a little bit brighter, the third one is a more mellow piano sound so beyond that you’ve got electric pianos, Fender Rhodes type 1 or kind of DX, is kind of sound harpsichord, a church organ and also a jazz organ sound, so you can easily select your sounds.

Partner Mode: Side by side
The metronome built-in in b1 is a great feature for helping you to practice and of course you can change the tempo of that as well, the b1 has this neat feature called partner mode which effectively allows you to split the keyboard in half and have two mini pianos so it’s great for two people who want to practice together or if you’re in a kind of teacher-student, where one can play and then the other one can can copy. If you want to enable that mode you just hold down metronome and turn it on and then it gives you two middle C’s in different places, so one play piece person can play and either one could copy.

5 Things Everyone is Going to Love About Korg B1 Digital Piano

Korg B1 Review: Value for money Digital Piano

1. B1 digital piano come with a sleek and stylish modern design, the b1 packs cutting-edge technology and features to a compact easy to use piano and a price you wouldn’t normally associate with keyboards.

2. The headphone output and highly customizable metronome provide all the essential practice tools you need to take your play to the next level complementing.

3. B1 includes a piano style sustain pedal and a large music rest an optional matching wooden stand is available for both black and white models which provides elegant and sturdy support.

4. The full-size touch sensitive natural weighted hammer action key which gradually feels lighter as you move up the keyboard to accurately recreate the feel and response of a traditional piano, so it’s heavy in the bottom lighter in the top. The keyboard can even be divided into two identical sections perfect for teachers, and student practice.

5. As you can see, this is a cool digital piano. The quality is great, don’t get me wrong! If you care about “looks” and want good sound quality with everything included, this is the digital piano for you! The price is also very reasonbale, especially considering it is a Korg!

Korg B1 Specs and Price

Our Verdict

Korg b1 have a new lead design look, great sleek design and it’s lightweight, it would fit in just about any area of your home and it sounds amazing.

This piano also have a new damper resonance added, the PCM sound Bank has been updated to even brighter more articulate pianos with the resonance, so you get the response of the instrument as it would naturally resonate on the soundboard. There’s also a new speaker system included.

Three high quality sampled onboard acoustic pianos are additional instruments such as electric piano popsicle pipe organ and electronic book available in either black or white.

When you lay it, you actually hear the sound of a real killer digitally sampled and stored in the engine even the resonance of the strings can be heard as you play in conjunction with the advanced speaker system what can be used for any type of music classical or jazz to rock and pop in addition to three acoustic pianos, and when you want to go back to your grand piano simply press the piano play button along with useful features such as key transpose and the metronome.

Every aspect of the instrument illustrates a special attention to detail a grounded slimline design, the matching stand and three pedal unit are also available as object edges to give you a complete whole digital piano solution, so make a sound investment in your musical future with korg b1 digital piano.