Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

When choosing the right toy piano for a toddler, you have to consider getting something small and fun. Big pianos will most certainly overwhelm your little one and might make him lose interest in playing later on. Melissa and Doug Piano is one of the best toy pianos for toddlers and small children, in general the pianos are the ones with a great sound quality while still looking fun and appealing! I always recommend fun and colorful toy pianos and after they are 6 or 7 years old, you can start them on a regular acoustic piano or full digital piano.

What Makes Melissa and Doug toy Piano Unique?

It is no doubt that Melissa & Doug toys are in a class of their own. As evidenced by the blog discussion and consumer market surveys, there are millions of children and their parents who have been positively impacted by the Melissa and Doug toys. There are several reasons for the high ranking of these toys in the American and international market; here are some of the reasons discussed.

The History:

Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

Among toy manufactures and indeed most business units, there are few that have been able to top the US market and other international market. Melisa and Doug is one such company that has had a very short life span yet it has an international house name. If you are looking to buy a toy, Melisa and Doug is an obvious choice because the name will ring a bell in your ears. The US based company has been manufacturing wooden toys for over 20 years.

The company has a humble history, having started in a basement, and then expanded. The need for more space has kept the company on the toes, always looking for more space. Upon realizing the expansion trend, the Melissa and Doug toy company has sought more space through outsourcing. Initially a difficult task in the Americas, the company has gone ahead and outsourced the toy manufacturing in the Chinas. This does not in any way mean that the toys manufactured in China are of any lesser quality. The specification for manufacring is provided for by the parent company and has to meet the USA market specification.

Manufacturing of Melissa & Doug toys is largely done by hand. Very small proportion of the toys is machine made. Because of this fact, it becomes very expensive to manufacture the toys in the Americas due to the expensive labor costs.

Market Size:

Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

In every hundred households in the US, you will find a good number that stock the Melissa & Doug toys. This hand-crafted baby toys come in various shapes from puppets, to wacky magic and doll-houses. There are as many as 800 unique designs that meet the needs of all children across the ages. The company designs all these in-house and is a leader in the market.

Safety Features:
Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

Quality control is highly monitored in outsourcing the manufacture of these toys. There are more than fifty inspectors from the parent company in US that oversee the manufacture of the melissa and doug toys.

The test for safety of the toys is not part of what has been outsourced. The paint type and the toxin level in it are monitored by safety inspectors from the US. This makes the toy company a very unique company. You can trust every single piece of the product in the US market.

Melissa and Doug Pianos Are Educational Toys

Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

Melissa and Doug pianos are the class apart, – and they combine the functionality and the quality very well. Each time when I go in the toy store, I always spot the interesting looking toy that turns to be the Melissa and doug product! The melissa and doug toys are normally the educational toys that help your children to think usefully. Melissa and doug provides kids engaging and exciting toy pianos which are not just the educational, but lots of fun as well! Beautifully made and richly illustrated, the melissa and doug toys improve the development of a child by building their motor skills, challenging the cognitive thinking, as well as enhancing the overall play value!

Play is perhaps the most significant phase of the child’s life. When at the babyhood, one goes through the sharpest life phase where they learn the most. At this age, the cognitive powers of the human being take proper shape. This is an age when human brain is like the red-hot iron – and ready to accept whatever is taught. But, school education is still to start for a kid experiencing the most receptive life phase.

This is what that makes it of interest to expose a kid to the educational toys like melissa and doug toy pianos as well as leverage your kid’s cognition & skills through the right type of play.

Kids experience the electric fast growth in their brain powers and motor development as toddlers. And this makes them to grow in the demand for mental and physical actions, which involve their attention. In case you think of that, the right types of toys can nurture your baby by giving the required traction to these fundamental requirements. Through all these toys & play sessions the children experience mental as well as emotional positives, which help their mind & psychology grow in a right orientation.

Kids start the play life before the school life. Preschool kids – generally toddlers – step in the toy’s world in which the toy is at first the foreign piece of interest. As a kid keeps adopting these toys, a totally new universe opens the door in a kid’s eyes. From the indoor table games, which allow them to arrange the picture’s & blocks to the physical kid games involving the battery controlled cars, growing toddler also keeps growing the interest in every toy & game that they sees over.

How many types of Melissa and Doug Pianos are there?

There are three types of Melissa and Doug piano for kids – the “Learn-To-Play” in bright colors, the “Learn-to-Play Upright Piano with 9 Songs” and the “Grand Piano” in black – a tiny version of the traditional concert grand. Either of these 3 pianos will encourage your budding musician to have fun while learning to play.

1. Melissa and doug learn to play piano

Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews
Learn to Play Piano is A great way for kids to learn about music and have fun! Children love to make music, and this child-sized Melissa and Doug Learn-To-Play Piano makes it easy for them to start playing.

Twenty-five color-coded keys help with practicing scales and piano songbook. Made of brightly-painted hardwood, it has a two-octave range and includes a starter songbook.

Great for younger kids and those who like the bright toy look, this is very sturdily built to take plenty of “loving” use from its young musicians.

With the melissa & doug learn to play piano, kids will be playing more than Chopsticks, that’s for sure! This colorful, wooden toy piano from Melissa & Doug is a mini-replica of the real thing, featuring two full octaves of ivory and black keys. So whether kids enjoy practicing their scales or creating their own creative masterpieces, they will love the freedom of playing on the Toy Upright Piano from Melissa & Doug!

2. Upright Piano with 9 Songs

Inspire your child’s inner musician with the melissa & doug upright piano set. The piano crafted with the same kind of quality attention to detail and colorful kid friendly design.

This mini piano is made from strong durable wood and sized perfectly for your children to play crouched on the ground or elevated up onto a table the 25 keys are color-coded with their appropriate note ranging in two octaves, providing your child with a grasp of the musical scale, and extra 9 Songs.

This pianos are also availables on Pink and Blue colors, so bring some music into your home with the melissa and doug learn to play piano.

3. Melissa and doug grand piano

Melissa and Doug Piano Reviews

It has a beautiful polished finish and it looks just like mommy’s piano, doesn’t it?

From Tchaikovsky to Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, kids can “Handel” any tune with this classically styled hand-tuned Grand Piano. Features a sturdy matching bench, 30 keys for a wide range of notes, a songbook and a helpful color-coded key chart to help them quickly learn the musical scale.

Parent reviews of this piano are mostly positive, mentioning its sturdiness to stand up to kids banging on it, and a fairly quiet sound so the noise doesn’t become too annoying. The classic look – like a real piano rather than a toy – is also attractive. The sound is more of a chime than a regular piano sound.

Melissa & Doug Toy Pianos Comparison

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