Schoenhut Baby Piano 25 Key Reviews

If you want to pass that love or even introduce your young child to music then a great way is to buy a toy piano or any musical instrument for your girl or boy.

While it is true that if you really want them to learn then a real piano would be best, however; if they are still young and do not understand the concept just yet then a toy is a great solution! It is also a great introduction to practicing as well as prepare them for future piano lessons!

Schoenhut is one of the best toy piano brands out there. They make fun and attractive toy pianos for kids and toddlers! Schoenhut Baby Piano 25 Key is all about introducing children 3 Years and up to the world of real musical instruments.

Schoenhut Piano Company takes the concept of pianos for the very young a step further with a keyboard almost half the size of that on an adult piano, this model is designed for ages three to nine. Not “just a toy,” but a fine musical instrument, and a lovely addition to your home, as well.

We have a few criteria for a musical instrument for a child and one of them is we like the idea that there is a direct correlation between the child’s action and the pitch meaning, they hit a key or they do something on whatever, it plays that one note, this is not what you see in the electronic musical toys, where you hit a note and you hear a full band or something like that.

Schoenhut Baby Piano Reviews

Piano Key
The keyboard is almost half the size of a full-size piano but with the 25 Keys will help prepare little fingers with a proper placement on the real piano, plus the patented color-coded learning system will easily guide your kids to enjoy the lovely chime like notes.

Learning Features
Schoenhut gives your child an all-new play experience with the innovative Schoenhut’s Tri-Play Learning System feature, it turns learning into playing by encouraging your child with reports and levelup’s.

It comes with a built in learning system and a removable color coded strip that can be added to help your child’s fingers find the right chords.

Now even your baby can start learning the piano and practicing their dexterity. This toy has three built in learning systems including auditory, visual and language.

You child will be introduced to numbers, melodies as well as well instruments. There are built in colored lights along the screen that will help capture and keep baby’s attention.

We also like that there’s the possibility of actually playing a real melody on it, so this piano actually satisfies all our criteria and we quite like it they comes in 30 key versions which is bigger, and there’s a 25 key version which a little bit smaller.

I believe there’s a 37 key version maybe a little bit bigger we don’t recommend the the bigger one because the notes don’t actually sound that great outside of this range.

Piano sound

The Schoenhut baby piano sounds pretty good. I’ve seen some reviews on Amazon where people are kind of disappointed with the sound of it because they thought on the things going to sound not like a real piano since it does not have strings, it makes a sound by the keys actually by hit a little hammer.

There’s a little hammer that hits a metal bar, each key is a metal bar so it sounds more like bells than a traditional piano.

The baby piano itself definitely not a piano in a traditional sense or like an acoustic piano with strings so it has a bell like tone and it’s quite capable of playing a lot of traditional piano repertoire, it lends itself more towards single note melodies as opposed to chords.

The Chords
The chords don’t speak very well, it’s a little bit clunky. But when you play single notes, it actually sounds quite nice, you can hear it’s actually a lovely sounding instrument.

This starter piano is durably crafted from solid maple and 1/2 inch birch plywood to endure the rough-and-tumble daycare life plus the beautiful oak finish will easily compliment.

What Do You Get When Buy One Of These Schoenhut Baby Piano 25 Key

All of the 25 key version of pianos come with piano, music stand and Schoenhut’s patented Tri-Play Learning System. This piano also comes with a songbook, with songs your little one will more than likely recognize. The piano can also record and playback notes, giving your child the opportunity to create their own masterpieces.

The Traditional Spinet, Piano Pals, and Elite Spinet version will included the sturdy bench, so they can comfortably practice and work on their posture while they create sweet music.

The bad news is the old version does not come with a bench but it’s still really low to the ground, so you know a toddler can walk up there and just do the thing. it comes with music and a color-coded system in this particular instrument.

The color coded overlay that goes behind the keyboard and on the music book is a quick way for a parent who doesn’t have any musical knowledge at all.

You’ll find that children under the age of five don’t have a lot of finger dexterity, so you can encourage them to play with one finger because they can do that.

These are all really fundamental basic things about music that they can still learn from an instrument.

Choose Your Favorite Schoenhut baby Toy Pianos

Which one do your prefer?

The most adorable 25 key toy pianos by Schoenhut comparison

Here are some of the most adorable 25 key toy pianos by Schoenhut and might be for your child if you want not just a regular toy piano.

25 Key Ages Weight Color Bench Price
Melodica 25-Key 6 + 3 lbs Blue, Pink No $25.00
My First Piano II 3 + 15 lbs Pink, Red, White No $75.00
Digital Table Top 3 + 12 lbs White, Blue, Pink, Red No $80.00
Tabletop Dog Piano 3 + 13 lbs White No $80.00
Princess Piano 3 + 11 lbs Pink No $80.00
2 Tone Table Top 3 + 14.50 lbs Blue/Blue, Purple/Purple, Red/Black No $80.00
Elite Spinet 3 + 24 lbs Black, Mahogany/Black, Red, White Yes $125.00
Piano Pals 3 + 21 lbs Red, Pink, Lavender Yes $125.00
Traditional Spinet 3 + 23 lbs Black, Mahogany/Black, Red Yes $125.00

Final Thoughts

if you’re living with the next Beethoven or own a daycare with multiple kids who are interested in music you’re going to love the Schoenhut Baby Piano 25 Key.